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Welcome to my Natural health community forum, there are different topics here in which you can participate and discuss & form your opinion concerning these topics. *Please feel free to join in the community  and socialize with other like minded individuals like yourself.

*PLEASE NOTE: All members are welcome to the natural health community forum; however please keep in mind as a golden rule, there is no vulgar, obscene, or suggestive language allowed when posting to the forum. *Above all, there will be no bullying accepted. As an administrator and moderator of the forum, please understand that if any of the above are not adhered to, I will have to respond in a way by removing you from the forum altogether in which case you will no longer be a communtiy member. So; let's remember to keep our morals in check when posting and to show kindness one to another, keep in mind the old golden rule which states:* Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Thank you so much. --Michelle r. Taylor-Administrator.